First Time Here?

What to Expect

We are a community of people maturing in their faith in Jesus. It is that simple. We have different backgrounds. We have different stories. We are people of different races. We have different testimonies of how Jesus changed our lives. Some are here just getting to know Him. We typically see about 100-120 people that we love every Sunday. We are young, we are old. We are everything in between.   

When you visit...

Expect a renovated gymnastics facility... not a cathedral.  Expect to feel welcomed... not overwhelmed.  Expect your thirst to be quenched... not by the coffee.  Expect blue jeans... not black ties.  Expect to be loved... not smothered.  Expect your children to want to come back... not because we bribe them.  Expect to sing, sing, sing... not that you can help it.  Expect a Bible-based, life-applicable sermon... not to be "preached at."  Expect to share a joy or a concern... it's family time for us.

Expect... to fit right in.

Our service is contemporary and casual. We sing new praise choruses and cherish your favorite old school hymns. We have fun worshiping God, while remaining mindful that He is holy. Join us this Sunday at 10:30am. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Sunday Service Schedule (beginning at 10:30am):

  •    Praise Songs - a couple of upbeat songs to get your blood flowing and a couple more to set the mood.
  •    Greetings and Announcements - pass the peace, shake hands, share a hug.
  •    Children Dismissed - kids go to age-appropriate classes to learn about Jesus on their level.
  •    Sermon - preacher shares what God has laid on his heart to share.
  •    Invitational and/or Communion - a song to wrap up the sermon time; on the first Sunday of each month, we share communion to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
  •    Offering - this is when we take up money to support the church, but visitors shouldn't feel obligated. Please give cheerfully or not at all. Also not a good time to go to the bathroom -- it will look like you're avoiding the collection plate!
  •    Praises and Prayer Requests - a brief "family time" when we share how God is working and how we need His intervention.
  •    Pastor's Prayer - after we share, the pastor prays us up.
  •    Closing Praise Chorus - yes, we're trying to get a song stuck in your head!
  •    Benediction - the pastor sends us off to spread the good news... and eat lunch.

Our Gatherings:

When & Where


Community of Faith Church

5343 Fallowater Lane

Roanoke, VA 24018

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Meeting Times:

Sunday Mornings - 10:30am

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FYI: We usually finish around noon so there's always a possibility you get invited to eat some lunch after the service.  Also, on the first Sunday of every month the children stay in the service with their parents instead of heading to their classes during the sermon (does not apply to nursery-aged children).  And one last thing you may want to know... we also take communion on the first Sunday of each month.